Alexander Padilla

Alexander Padilla (Yawarite): is a Clinical Psychologist in the Intercultural Municipality of Cantón Cañar; he leads the HAMPY WASI “AWASHPA INTIÑANMA” (House of medicine “Weaving the way to the light”); Andean Therapist Tec; Yachak (Medicine man) from the Cañarí people. He dedicates his work to the service of his community, families and individual work. 

As Yachak (Medicine Man) and Andean Technician Therapist, he continues the lineage of his predecessors, especially, focused on the knowledge of the Cañarí worldview. The service perpetrated by his grandparents became the common thread of bringing this intention to the world and the towns, people, etc., who seek that direct connection with the healing of our cosmic mother (Pachamama); In addition, he developed a space where people from the world can come and learn about Andean ancestral medicine. 

His vision is focused on expanding the medicine of the people and his ancestors to the world, contributing to the health of mother earth (Pachamama) and walking with beings on earth related to the vibration of the Christ consciousness!

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