Erin Toppenberg

Erin's mission is to connect more and more in the heart. She is a Co-Founder and Director of The Waterbearers, a nonprofit organization providing access to clean water to communities around the world. As a women-led organization our three pillars are Women, Water, and Wisdom.

“I am blessed to have listened deeply as the water called forth in me to be of service.
Sharing the gift of life, the gift of water with others around the world has been a deeply humbling experience. Water herself has taught me to be more aware, grateful, and flexible. The waters have an innate ability to connect”, says Erin.

She also serves on many boards, all of which have a common goal and purpose in expanding the consciousness and compassion in the world.

Her daughters fuel her passion to work on the empowerment for all women and children worldwide. Erin has participated in sessions at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women and Children as a delegate with Pathways to Peace, a peace messenger organization.

Additionally, with all her philanthropic work, Erin is also a Naam Yoga instructor, Universal Kabbalist, and a certified HeartMath trainer. Erin’s website is

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