Jane Brinton

Jane is Co-founder and Executive Director of The Waterbearers.

In 2013, Jane left the U.S., after an illustrious career in the music industry and moved to Cuenca, Ecuador. Guided by a synchronous moment with her friend Spryte Loriano when they both said “water bearers”, took it as a sign and launched a fundraising campaign for World Water Day. Since then, under the guidance of Jane and co-founder Erin Toppenberg, TheWaterbearers.org has funded clean water initiatives in 33 countries that have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

Jane Brinton was a serial entrepreneur in the music industry working with many high-profile clients including Madonna. For more than two decades she lived the good life in New York City but knew something was missing and at the peak of her career, she felt compelled to follow another path. 

Staring at a blank piece of paper she wrote one word “Nepal”. She booked her passage to the tiny country at the top of the world, bought a pair of hiking boots, and climbed the Himalayas, thus changing her life and her lifestyle forever.

In order to fulfill her own creative aspirations, she entered the world of broadcast media and started a film production company with writer-director Ashley Rogers. The two co-produced a 90-minute documentary that was years in the making, and which took them on an incredible journey to the most remote place on earth – Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert.

“This is where I learned the importance of water, or the lack thereof”, says Brinton. Once quoted as being daring and adventurous, she now prefers to be known as a pioneering and adventurous social entrepreneur helping to improve the lives of others.

Learn More at www.thewaterbearers.org

Help The Water Bearers Raise $20K by World Water Day and continue to bring safe drinking water to women and communities in need by visiting: https://give.classy.org/love-water