Jess Juntunen

Jess Juntunen is a Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor, Avesa Medical Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Divine Feminine Rising Coach working with individuals and groups.

As a Champion of the Divine Feminine Jess began her work as birth doula, advocating and supporting mothers and and their babies during childbirth. This evolved into her counseling and mentoring career supporting beings in the birthing process of spiritual awakening.

She is the popular host of the dynamic program Soul Fusion Cafe at Oneness Talk Radio supporting others in radiant wellness and soul forward living.

Title: Championing the Sacred Feminine: Women as Leaders of a New Earth

Learning to honor the sacred Divine Feminine that lives within us all, regardless of gender, is the key to creating the new earth. We are collectively riding a great wave of ascension and laying the foundation for the world we seek! It is the era of the Divine Feminine Rising. Women and those who love them, it is our moment to truly champion the Divine Feminine that is here: community, union, new solutions birthed from a new level of consciousness. It is OUR time. Rise!

Honoring Women, Womyn, Womxn, Womben, Priestesses, Priests, Men, Shamans, Queens, Kings, Princesses, Princes, Wise Women, Sages, Mystics, the Hu-man, ALL. It is the moment we came here for, and it transcends gender and all sense of polarity, however we must honor the sacred role women play and lift our women up! The balance and healing that women bring to the world is a key that builds a new earth in which our children, and our children's children can thrive in. One in which our mother Gaia and all beings live in greater synergy, oneness, and piece.