Joni Moore

I have many passions, but lifelong passions for me include plants, health, and spirituality. When I was a child, I explored the forests and fields around my home, often sitting high up in my favorite tree. In college I studied Botany and Forestry. When my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I found solace among the trees and I learned the power of trust. As my daughter recovered, I began to ask: What gives us good health? I am still discovering the physical, emotional, spiritual answers to that question. Along this path, many years ago, a friend and mentor recommended that I check out Sri and Kira. I have been in love with them and studying ascension awareness ever since.

Along this journey I also remembered Cannabis as my plant ally. I became a caregiver for 5 patients, growing their plants and making their medicines. I worked at a local Cannabis dispensary; anything and
everything to learn more about this amazing plant. I also attracted the people into my life who helped me take the next steps. I am now President of Ottawa Innovations cultivation facilities and Higher Love
retail stores in Michigan. Most recently I have felt that my entire life course - all of my experiences, my family, my education, my jobs, everything, has brought me to this critical moment.

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