2PM – 4PM – Living the WWA Experience: Your Pathway to Empowered Awakening



Together we awaken and empower our masterful Lion(ness) presence. To be in a-lion-ment is to break free from all limitations and stand as the teacher, healer, and mentor, ready to be a torch bearer so others may too remember their own mastery presence.

WOMEN – The Awakened Lioness Rises as the champion of ALL Humanity! WELLNESS – The Gift of Birthing and Cycles through honoring and awareness! AWAKENINGS –  The moment of saying YES to the Bounty-full energy that Arises as our UNIFIED presence of Masculine and Feminine Balance.

Learn to Champion yourself and how you can hold power-full mentoring experiences for others! Become a WWA Mentor if you choose! Together we are modeling and creating the new earth. Together We Are Better!