WWA Global Festival

Healing the Heart of Humanity


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The Power of the March 2021 Equinox

Healing the Heart of Humanity

The Divine Feminine Rises as the Eagle and Condor Unite!

Join us for The WWAGlobal March 2021 Equinox Festival March 19-21 and Post-Festival World Water Day Celebration AND Workshops! ALL AVAILABLE ON-LINE! 

Participate in LIVE sacred ceremonies led by Cañari elders, Indigenous peoples of the Andes Mountains, and hear from speakers at the leading edge of consciousness, from around the world. Listen to LIVE authentic, Andean music and celebrate in the Global expansion of consciousness.

Join thousands from around the world, at the WWAGlobal Virtual Festival, and see for the first time ever! A gathering of community that calls forward ancient medicines, traditions & ceremonies of the Andes in unison with workshops & talks on Ascension, Wellness and the Global Awakening of Humanity---The Eagle and the Condor flying as ONE!

Together we are Better! The Divine Feminine is Rising on the Planet as represented by ALL who have heard the call of Gaia to assist in Healing the Heart of Humanity. 

For all who are ready to reunify and remember we are ONE, let us come together to help Heal the Heart of Humanity! The Divine Feminine is birthing and supporting expansion of greater harmony and balance. Your presence matters! All our hearts beating as one, co-creating and modeling the new earth as it was meant to be. The Cañari, the Sacred Site that is TOSA Blue Mountain, and Leaders in Consciousness from around the planet join together for ceremonies, music, and expansion at the WWA Global Festival LIVE from Tosa Blue Mountain Ecuador!

ALL Virtual Ticket Holders and On Site Attendees are a part of ceremony with the Canari and WWA Presentations ALL weekend. On Site Attendees enjoy special access to private portions of the ceremonies.

Be a part of the Documentary!

  Tosa Blue Mountain Sanctuary is actively creating the WWA documentary featuring the importance of the Oneness energy with the Ancestral Lineage Holders of one of the most powerful places on the planet for consciousness and awakening!


A celebration of the unified presence honoring Oneness as the Eagle and the Condor!


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein


March 19-21, 2021

BONUS Workshops
March 22-24


 TOSA Blue MountainEcuador in the heart of the Andes Mountains. 

Providing safe drinking water to thousands of people in need

Celebrating World Water Day at the WWAGlobal Festival March 22nd! 

Hear from the founders of The Waterbearers, Jane Brinton and Erin Toppenberg.  Join us for this Global Meditation & Workshop! To Attend its as easy as 1,2,3! Donate any amount your heart feels called to the website linked at the button below and send a screenshot of your receipt to! 

Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Visionaries of the WWAGLOBAL Festival

Sri & Kira created the WWAGlobal movement as an opportunity for all visionaries & leaders of Oneness to come together and co-create the New Earth. There are moments in our lifetimes where energies conspire to support a great leap in consciousness: an opening for greater awakening, conscious upliftment and healing. The March 2021 Equniox IS this moment! 

Sri & Kira have remained on the leading edge of ascension consciousness for over 19 years. Their lives are dedicated to sharing the Yoga of Self-Ascension through sacred union with the soul. 

Learn more at Sri & Kira's Official Website:

Open Your Mind, Expand Your Vision, Ignite Your Heart, Heal the World  
Women Wellness Awakenings 
WWA Global Festival is here to ignite the balance for all as the Divine Feminine Expands on our planet and the Eagle & Condor Unite. 

Hear and experience LIVE Journeys ALL weekend. Our diverse team of experts will guide you through the leading edge of the divine feminine, wellness and energy medicine

Friday night March 19, 2021 we open with a world-wide Oneness Community with Participants from around the World!  

In person attendees enjoy special access to onsite ceremonies, events, and the magic that is TOSA Blue Mountain

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Enjoy Broadcasts LIVE from the Event all weekend long!

Join us on Oneness Talk Radio YouTube for Free Livestream Events Broadcasting Live from the Festival throughout the entire weekend!

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Your WWA Global ticket purchase supports vital projects in Ecuador!
Learn more about these projects and our fundraising efforts.

Proceeds from WWAGlobal Festival Ticket sales go to the following projects in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador

Ecuador straddles the equator on South America’s Pacific west coast. With a population of over 17.5 million, 25% live on less than $3.20 a day. Its diverse landscape and distinct cultures span the Amazon jungle, Andean highlands, the Coastal region, and The Galápagos Islands.

The Andes (sierra region) is also home to The Waterbearers organization. As such, Waterbearers is uniquely positioned to work with local communities and have formed partnerships with higher education institutions such as the University of Azuay and the local government, the Prefecture of Azuay, under its former leader Yaku Perez.

“Water is worth more than gold,” says Yaku, whose name in the indigenous Quichua language means “water.”

Since 2015, The Waterbearers have distributed filters and training in four provinces (representing 64 parishes) in the central highlands, impacting over 20,000 people. In 2020, working alongside the Azuay provincial government during COVID restrictions, distributed 100 filter systems and demonstrated their use in 48 rural communities. This project benefits 1,345 families who lack access to safe drinking water.

Clinica Linda, A Free Clinic for Indigenous Families in the Andres Mountains

Clinica Linda is an all new free-clinic for Indigenous Families in the Inter-Andean Valley outside of Paute, Ecuador at TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary. A high number of valley residents are farmers and report issues with severe & debilitating physical pain from a life-time of very hard, physical labor.

Many are unable to walk or stand up straight, let alone participate in daily living. TOSA Blue Mountain is blessed to be the custodians of a revolutionary, premium laser technology (Epoch Lasers) that heals on a cellular level, causing less chronic inflammation and new tissue generation while healing.

The high-majority of those that receive laser treatment report immediate pain relief and after a series of multiple treatments, may experience a complete reversal of the pain and discomfort!

Living with chronic pain can make one feel helpless, which can lead to excessive use of painkillers and even depression. Treatment with Healing Light is non-addictive, highly effective and safe.

In Photo: Clinica Linda’s Supervising Medical Doctor, Dr. Lorena Vintimilla MD, with the Epoch Laser at TOSA Blue Mountain

Join the Virtual Summit via free live streams during the weekend, or expand your experience by getting your all access ticket!