This is the CLARION CALL for all who are a stand for the future of our planet and the vision of unity and oneness. It is time to heal the heart of humanity!

Why Be Here?
Because it matters!

This first WWAGLOBAL Summit is called to be held at the true center of the Earth.
TOSA Blue Mountain is ground zero for awakening consciousness on our planet.

Your presence matters! With YOU and our WWA Champions holding the pillars of the divine feminine, expanding wellness, and awakening consciousness, we will reunify as eagle and condor, earth and ascended realms. It is time.

The Importance of the March Equinox 2021

The March Equinox of 2021 is the moment of rebirth that offers the gift of consciousness connection radiating as the cross of perfect balance emitting from the still center. A peace-filled place where we may all meet. This stunning indigenous valley in Azuay, Ecuador, and home of the ancient Cañari, offers the consistent reminder of our Oneness and the blessing of doing any and every "thing" simply because it is the right "thing" to do...

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

-Albert Einstein

The WWA Global Summit is a Challenge to all who are awake! Are you ready to come forward and gather together beyond the ego? WWAGlobal holds the consciousness and expression of co-creating through our highest expression, simply because it is the right thing to do!

We have all arrived at the moment where the mystery of consciousness is being revealed. This is the time to say yes to the vast journey of consciousness beyond the “dictionary definition”. To fully remember that: Consciousness is the basis of activating our Ascended/Mastery, or Higher presence, into Awareness as the evolutionary expansion of our limited perceptions.

What if EVERYTHING that is happening right now was to entice your consciousness to see even more?

Activism was the energy of the 60s.

Spiritual Activism was the energy of the millennium


EVERY “thing” is shifting! Most visibly, how we express our consciousness as it evolves through this moment.

YOUR PRESENCE MATTERS! Be a part of this experience!